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TARDIS at Giverny

Dept.of Birthday Wishes

A Very Happy Birthday

Best wishes to [personal profile] supergee , a wry observer of life, the universe, and everything, and a master of multiple fannish modes of communication with which to talk about what he sees. I met him about 16 years ago (dear lord, 16 years?) on Usenet's Rec. Arts. SF Fandom (rasseff, of blessed memory) and I've never stopped being glad I did. May the coming year be free of annoyances and happily full of good books and good company.

Best wishes, too, to heatherbelles, who I first met on TWoP eight years ago (holy crap; I was thinking that it was only a few years ago, but it's eight years ago) and who I liked immediately. I've never stopped liking her, and I hope that she has a marvelous birthday!

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Dept. of WTF

Because Really .. WTF?

1. My brother will have having quintuple bypass surgery Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. I'm still painfully in the dark by my lights - although not by my little brother's - and wish I could just get the fuck up there. Can't, so I'll pray down here. I've talked to Mum a bit, as well.

2. I got into this here Intarwebz fandom and far more than that, through a site called Television Without Pity. That was back in 2006. I learned ... so much from the people I met there, gained so much from them, learned about myself. It's shutting down next week.  I'll write about that more later, when I'm not a scattered mess. It seems so odd that that is weighing on my mind as much as Mac's bypass surgery. The mind does weird things, doesn't it? Weird fucking things. And yes, the word "fuck" seems to be the only one I can think of using.

More. Later. Probably.

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Dept.of Birthday Wishes

Two Most Excellent People

The day is almost done here , and is most certainly done over in England, where one of them lives, but I still want to wish very happy returns of the day to two people for whom I have affection and respect.

To heatherbelles, one of the first Who fans I ever met, thanks to Television Without Pity's Dr. Who forums, particularly the Party in the TARDIS (long before it became SHHHH Linda, and doesn't that date the two of us, eh?) She is lovely, hard-working, patient, kind, historically minded, and also a great judge of excellent footwear. And she enjoys Spooks, too! (Oh, and John Barrowman, but who doesn't? *g*)

To [personal profile] supergee , who I first met via the RASFF Usenet community back in the relatively dark Internet ages of the early and mid-90s. He is an omnivorous and thoughtfully critical reader with a brilliant sense of humor, the latter including an unerring eye and ear for the absurd. Happy 2013-14 to you!

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Dept. of two-plus months of DW memeishness

It's Ba-aaack ....

At some distant time, unimaginably alien to us, our ancient universe will die. Dead planets will swing around cold suns, circling through darkened constellations that themselves will wheel through galaxies dark and cold as black ice - each one streaming away in all directions from the rumor of light and heat, into the vast and endless Stygian dark.

And I'll still be plugging away at this damned meme.

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Coles Philips

Nataldalia, belated.

As November Ends ...
... I am reminded that I have neglected sending birthday wishes to friends, both LJ and RL, for some time now. Before midnight comes around, let me at least partly rectify that.

Here's my wish, then, for all of the following wonderful people - may your birthdays have been great, and may all the days since simply improved from there. And if any of you had a horrible birthday, may the days that followed have erased the horrible memories. You are all truly wonderful people, and you deserve the best the world can offer, and more!

I send those wholly inadequate wishes out to ...
  • don_fitch  (Nov. 2) I see this lovely gentleman far too rarely in RL and almost as rarely on Live Journal. He is a gifted gardener, blessed with memorable humor, intelligence, winning smiles and a great deal of patience with the foibles of humanity. He's a jewel of fandom (and gerisullivan  can back me up on that.)
  • erikvolson  (Nov. 5) This mercurial, ebullient Midwesterner is also brilliant, funny and kind. He's a connoisseur of bheer, of good music, and good company. He also wears a Red Hat with elan. And he's in my neck of the woods, so I should force coerce convince him to come over for supper one of these days.
  • cathica  (Nov. 8) We hail from similar parts of the world, and share a love of writing and Doctor Who. She, on the other hand, is a dab hand at writing beautiful and terrifying tales, and can probably deal with bears and zombies with much more equanimity than I. (You did manage to get through "Night of the Living Dead." I never could.) I look forward to meeting her sometime in RL.
  • mack_the_spoon  (Nov. 24) and ... (wait for it)
  • namarie24  (Nov. 24) Both Mack and Nam are remarkable siblings, who I met through LINDA over on the TWoP Doctor Who boards. It's been a pleasure to get to know two young people so dedicated to their calling, so full of fun, so adventurous, and so honorable. They're fans of DW, of the X-Files, of In Plain Site, and of Canada. They're also good writers and beloved of everyone who interacts with them over in LINDA. Additionally, they're the first Thunderkittens I've ever known. Heh.
  • othermewriter  (Nov. 26) A dedicated Doctor Who fan, and fanfic writer, who shares my 'shipping interests (Rose and Nine, FTW!) and is also a fellow admirer of the Eighth and Third Doctors (Opera capes and Venusian Aikido, also FTW!)
  • decadentdave  (Nov. 26) A Canadian science fiction fan and songwriter who I've had the pleasure and honor of knowing for many years, but who I've not had the pleasure of visiting with for far too many of them. If you've ever had the pleasure of listening to Dave, or of talking with him, you know what a treasure he is.
From me, to all of you - and to anyone else who I might, unforgiveably, have left off the list - I say again ...

Happy Birthday!
Fndom turn of the earth

Natal Excellence

Happy Birthday, mostlikely2 .

Sometimes there are writers who can connect with readers with breathtaking immediacy because they seem to have the gift of saying "This is what I feel; this is who I am; this is what I have experienced. I am your brother, and we share this world, and I share some of your heart."

Sometimes there are writers who take readers to new places, who say "Look out beyond yourself; consider this possibility; don't be afraid at the fear or discomfort, push pass it and look at what you'll find on the other side."

Sometimes there are writers who see connections between themselves and others, between the roots and trunk and limbs and leaves of the tree of the universe, between heart and soul, between groin and brain, between heaven and hell, between the soup and the nuts (because they know how to laugh, too.)

Sometimes there are writers who love, and demand, and grieve, and rejoice, and are hard on their readers, and embrace them, and take them on the same dangerous, wonder-ful journey they are trying to navigate for themselves.

Rarely do they come together in one person.

They do in you.

May this year be full of challenge and success, of grace and laughter, both personally and professionally.

TARDIS at Giverny


External, Internal    

The Externals
  • The plumbers are gone, their deeds of heroism done, their rodding and sewer caps having comforted me and mine.
  • I've put all the rags used to hold back the waters last night through the wash, and the next step is to clean the floors tomorrow.   And these plumbers? Oh, about nine gazillion times better than the last ones, I'm thinking. Hell, they even gave us a free jacket. No, really. One of them left their Official Plumbing Company hoodie jacket here. When we called the office to alert someone, they asked if there were any things in the pockets. No ... and hey, presto, it was bequeathed to us.
  • Also, they revised their initially worrisome (she said, with astonishing understatement) "This. Is. Raw. Sewage." analysis. It wasn't raw sewage. It's just that regular waste water that has aged grease and unidentified biocrud marinating in it - rather like our own lower g.i. tract biocrud marination system - well, let's just say the resemblance between the two products is breathtaking. No. Really. It got hard to breathe in here. But, technically speaking, while it may have walked like a duck, it wasn't duck shit.
  • I have had a shower. Let me say that again, because it was so good to think about. I have had a shower.
The Internals
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The End & Start

Thoughts: Doctor Who "The End of Time, Part 1"

Scattershot and Un-Meta Thoughts on The End of Time, Part 1
     I didn't get (or haven't yet gotten) an overall thematic response to this episode. That's not, however, to say that I'm speechless about it. The short version? I liked it, was moved by it, and thought it was put together with the usual crazy quilt of intelligence, cheese and sporadic creative laziness. 
     Some of my immediate reactions follow, most of them are cribbed and edited comments I made over at Television Without Pity's episode thread.
     (And speaking of TWoP, Jacob's recap of Waters of Mars is up. Damned good stuff, and far more filled with love than my meta-ramblings.)
     As for EoT1, I've watched the episode twice thus far, and I liked it even more the second time.
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