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Grasping at Grace

Transformation and Reversed-Polarity Greys

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The story of Kaffyr (also known as Rutsky in some places)? I'm Canadian by birth, Chicagoan by inclination, since 1981, after a three day visit. I'm a reporter by trade, a fiction writer by avocation, a (possibly bad) poet by turns. I've been a science fiction fan since the age of 6 or so, a fantasy fan since the age of 10 or so. I have read both omnivorously for decades, and like to think I know the dross from the gold. I read far too little of it these days. I'm married and have a grown son. Best Beloved and First Born are brilliant, and I love them dearly. I believe in Democracy. I used to be a chick singer in an unsuccessful rock and roll band. I once studied to be an actor in a Canadian acting school. I flunked out. God and I have an ambiguous relationship, when I believe they exist. I love to drive. I'm afraid of things. I'm a union maid until the day I die. I believe in hard-headed socialism with small town, small-c capitalism. On my good days, I'm a progressive Democrat. On my bad days, I'm a yaller-dog Democrat. I can't vote for anyone in this country, because I retained Canadian citizenship. I hope to change that at some point. I love this country as much as I love Canada, and I think America holds some of the greatest promise for global good that I can think of, except when its leaders are being idiots. I have little use for rugged individualists who live in their parents' basements and rail on about intrusive government whilst making use of federal roads and public hospitals. I believe that my life may have been saved by rock and roll on many occasions. I've learned to love jazz. I love music in a minor key. My hair is grey, my eyesight bad, my bravery at a premium, my organizational skills next to nil. I'd probably like you if I met you.

Also, I adore civility and the art of reasoned discussion. I'm less enamored of people who either throw spanners into conversational works (for any reason) or decide to insult any of the other guests at my party. I doubt I'll ever get enough traffic on my little page to render this a common thing - or even, you know, a thing at all. Should it happen, however, I'll probably pull the perpetrator over for a quiet chat. If that doesn't work, disinvitations, comment freezure or more could be in their future. I'm old-fashioned like that.

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