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Natal Excellence

A Late Birthday Wish

Back in 2006, I was a still-relatively-recent newcomer to the television meta-conversation Internet community Television Without Pity, brought there by my love of Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica. I had discovered a small but lovely virtual community on one of the general conversation threads on the Doctor Who boards, and had made a number of virtual friends.

One of them was a young woman who had moved to New York City to make her way and find her fortune in the theater. I learned she had red hair, was going to auditions, loved her grandmother, wrote incredibly good fan fiction, had a dangerously intelligent wit, and was someone I increasingly looked forward to talking with each day - after all, she listened as well as she spoke, she didn't give advice often, but offered good advice when she did.

We got to know each other even better when we joined forces with a number of other DW and BSG fans to support the episode recaps done for each show by gifted writer Jacob Clifton. My respect for her grew further, and we began keeping in closer virtual touch. She helped me with some fan fiction in need of editing; I did some of the same for her. When I felt low - and that was, unfortunately, far too often during a couple of periods since 2006 - she became one-third of the triumvirate of friends to whom I 'd turn for heart's ease (BB and my mom being the other two). When she felt low, I wanted to do the same for her.

More important, we shared thoughts, jokes, dreams, rants, bitches, fears and joys. You know. Like friends do.

Since I first met this lovely woman, she's made massive changes in her life - changed apartments, gotten healthy, taught sign language to children, managed stress and staff (and staff induced stress) in one of the biggest theater markets in the world, dealt with family emergencies, faced loads of challenges with level headed humor and practical intelligence, found love, and become an even more awesome human being.

Happy birthday lyricalviolet , my dearest Queen G, my friend Jaela. May this coming year be full of fortune and wonder for you, and may you increase in grace and beauty!

(And, hey - maybe 2009 will be the year we meet in 3D! Heh.)

Tags: birthdays, family, fandom, good people, interesting people, lovely things

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