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What I Did
In the many, many days since I last posted, I have:
1) Made quiche.
2) Taken pictures back to a former Flying Tiger, and apologized for keeping them too long with a dozen chocolate-chip cookies.
3) Written a so-so one verse sonnet about moonlight and clouds, in a successful effort to avoid anger over Republican votes in the House and Senate.
4) Said goodbye to working colleagues who took a buy-out.
5) Gotten angry at my first-born.
6) Snorted and laughed most heartily with him, as we both took in the sight of a Canadian man chewing betel nut for the first time. Discovery Channel.
7) Cried over Gaeta.
8) Written Dad's obituary, and sent it on to my brother for vetting.
9) Found tapeworms in cat feces. Taken three cats to the vet over two days, for successful conclusion to that problem.
10) Made bread.
11) Gone to meetings.
12) Had a tire replaced on the car, after a pothole (god help us in this, our season of pothole hell) did in its predecessor.
13) Eaten ice cream.
14) Seen Jae's new hair style.
15) Laughed myself sick, and cried myself the same over Jacob's last two BSG recaps.
16) Written not one damned word of something I need to write.
17) Been distant.
18) Gotten back.

Tags: life in the circus

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