kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Little Good Things

After the Brawl Was Over
      Well, it isn't really over, but that's the reason one has to look for the little good things. I found one today, at the end of a long day of being completely unable to work. (I sat and looked at my computer, and did absolutely nothing else. Friday will be better.)
     The good thing was being able to come home, and - after attending a long and frustrating municipal meeting, after driving too many blocks around the neighborhood to find a parking spot too far away from the house, after shrieking in frustration about that, shrieking so long and hard that a headache was the result - being able to take off the winter clothes, have some supper before midnight, and be warm in the company of people who helped calm the frustration and the headache.
     That is a Little Good Thing.

Tags: family, good people, home stuff

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