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A Recommendation
Since I can't seem to write anything to save my soul (anything that's not a meeting roundup or school district levy story, and those are pretty difficult to assay, too), I'd like to recommend the work of someone who can. Write, that is. Really, really well, as a matter of fact.

Glen Cook not only writes some of the more memorable fantasy novels and series I've run into, he does it with humor, a fine hand at plot, a hard-eyed view of humanity that somehow makes me feel he cares a very great deal about human beings - and the ability to come up with the damndest names you ever did see and/or hear. I love the names he comes up with.* He could write complete shit around cardboard characters, and as long as he named them the way he does, I'd read it. The fact that he's eight kinds of good writer on top of it, well, that's gravy.

His Black Company novels started out compelling, and ended with two or three paragraphs that kick me in the teeth and leave me with wet eyes every time I read them. His Garrett, P.I. novels are hilarious, and touching, and bleak, and hopeful, and wonderful detective noir pastiches. I'm currently reading the latest Garrett novel, "Cruel Zinc Melodies" and it's just what the doctor ordered.

*I mean, where else but in a Glen Cook novel are you going to find characters named Saucerhead Tharpe, Morley Dotes, Chodo Montague or (a personal favorite) Toadkiller Dog?

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