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A Bit of Linky Goodness (or Weirdness, as may be.)
Well, if I'd actually signed up to post every day in November, I'd have been a total failure. Luckily, I did no such thing, allowing me to completely lose interest  in posting over the Thanksgiving holiday period. No particular reason, or at least none upon which I can place a finger. As best as I can tell, it was simply a case of Ennui returning to my couch for a while. I've kicked him out, but he's still hanging about the foyer, with his Gauloises and his superciliously weary attitude.

Even now, I have little of worth to say. I shall, therefore, limit myself to a few links; you may explore them as you will.

1) freerice.com is one of life's little pleasures for me. I can strengthen my word muscles, and help provide a little something for others at the same time.

2) If you are not a fan of the recently-passed Prop 8 in California, or what it might portend elsewhere, you might want to check out these two communities:
     a) engayge_america  is a clearing house of information and opportunities for anyone who believes that Prop 8 still needs fighting, or who believes in full human rights for GLBT humans.
     b) red2rainbow  is a similar community, created by a gifted fan writer, minerva_fan  . If you're from her general neck of the woods, or even if you're not, you might want to check it out.
While this is not a community, I like the idea, and commend it to your consideration.

3) And bringing up to the Weird Rear, the Lord of Crossharbour's letter from his very own Reading Gaol. I had no words when I completed my own read-through. Not the initial one, nor the subsequent revisits.*  You might have some.

* Well, except for thanks that a grieving Robber Bride has some splendid Hungarian dogs for company, per her incarcerated Robber Baron.


Tags: meanderings, rights for everyone, weirdity


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