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A welcoming note


I have this wonderful page - have had it for some time now - and I have yet to use it for anything. Today, however, I shall use it to welcome you. Some very nice people have already been kind enough to add me to their friends lists, and I'm honored. Please take a moment to read my very wordy introduction, and feel free to leave comments here, although I have yet to say anything smart (or stupid) enough to elicit comments.

One of the reasons I've become even marginally active on LiveJournal is because I am part of a group of people who are fans of the BBC television show Doctor Who, and also dedicated fans of Television Without PIty, also known as TWoP, and a site where fans of television, or specific television shows, can gather to review show episodes and talk about all things related to television or to specific shows. I've been lucky enough as a TWoP member to meet and become part of a vibrant, witty, totally worthwhile online Doctor Who community within its boundaries.

Until recently, a huge part of my enjoyment stemmed from the recaps of DW shows done by Austin-based writer Jacob Clifton. Unfortunately, TWoP is no longer recapping the show, and I am only one of many who are mourning the loss of Jacob's recaps. A group of us hope to convince TWoP and its corporate parent, BRAVOTelevision, to reverse that position, and to that end have created a webpage called  The Oncoming Recaps . I'd love you to visit the page, because you might find yourself interested in our campaign.

The wonderful people who help maintain our Recaps site have put together lots of information, including a FAQ, about our efforts. I would be honored if you'd visit the site and consider joining us!

Tags: television without pity, the oncoming recaps

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