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Fashion Rearward

A Plan Elegant in its Simplicity
      As y'all know, I'm Project Runway's bitch. While I'm mourning the lack of a reunion show (I've not seen one, at any rate), I'm all lathered up for tonight, when the second half of the finale airs, and we find out if God really is good, by which I mean the Lord of the Universe sends Kenley packing in third place and grants Geek Girl Extraordinaire Leanne the win she so richly deserves.
     Unfortunately, I am also Democracy's bitch, and the last of the presidential debate airs tonight at 8 p.m. - at precisely the same time as the PR finale. Oh no! Terror and tremors! Drama and tears! Helpless flapping of hands and running in steadily smaller circles!
      In short, whatever shall I do?
     Well, it's simple: I'll watch the debate and turn to PR's repeat showing at 10 p.m. I mean, really: what the hell kind of plugged in reporter/almost-citizen do you think I am?
     But ... if I were of any other mind? I might follow Tribune columnist Mark Caro's advice.

Tags: democrazy, project runway, television

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