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Listsickles, Part Deux

I'm listening to Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark, and thinking about how well it helped me get through my late teens and early 20s; I could remember nearly all of the words for so many of the songs. I still love the windy feel of the music's arrangements. Today, I took a look at the people involved, and saw that Tom Scott played oboe; I also saw that Mitchell herself did the string arrangements. I still love listening to her words; she may never have found all the kinds of love she wanted (and how well she knew that she wouldn't), but she sure knows humanity, she's an amazing observer. Her later albums are less accessible, although they are truly good (Hejira and The Hissing of Summer Lawns are eminently listenable and extremely sophisticated, both musically and lyrically. I have yet to listen to Don Juan's Reckless Daughter.)

It's very cold out. It's been in the 30s (F), which is exactly as it should be at this point in November. Still, my hands are letting me know that they do not appreciate the weather. We have the furnace on, the blinds down and the curtains drawn. And my hands remain cold. 

I'm more than halfway through NaNo, and I'm over 26,000 words. I have to take a break tomorrow to actually do some more plotting. So far. my way of plotting and outlining is still "Ask a bunch of questions that your writing's raised thus far, and answer them. Voila! Plot and Outline, FTW!"

I'm bracing myself for the very real probability that Kyle Rittenhouse will walk on murder charges. The prosecution wasn't as prepared as it should have been, and the judge seems to be an unofficial member of Rittenhouse's defense team. The murderous little pissant will undoubtedly benefit from both those things. 

On the other hand, it did my heart good to hear that John Catanzara, the racist POS who heads Chicago's FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) plans to resign, rather than go through with a disciplinary hearing that would probably end up with him being fired. He's opposed vaccine mandates, he's tried to get the cops who elected him their president to refuse to report their vaccine status to the city, and has had to watch as 78 percent of them have reported their status. He claims he's going to run for mayor. Yeah, no; good luck with that, you deplorable piece of work. Unfortunately, he can still stay on as FOP head. Ah well; he's one of the many reasons that I, a long time union person, don't believe that the FOP should be considered a union
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