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More Than One Thing Makes a Post: so - NaNo and Who

NaNo: I've managed to hit north of 23,000 words so far; BB continues to read it to make sure it's still got a plot and that the plot isn't too heavy with infodumps. I continue to try to make a writer's sprint more mornings than not, which can get my day off to a good start. As a retiree whose main non-writing work these days has to do with keeping the cat box reasonably clean, I've been able to toil at the writing pretty much all day, at least off and on. I know a lot of people don't do it that way, or can't do it that way because they're still working; more power to them for being able to write despite that. 

I've discovered that one of the things touted about NaNo - the sense of community, and the ability of finding inspiration and helpful hints from newly discovered buddies or authors who put out livestreams or blog posts - isn't what I'm here for. I've been a solitary writer all my life, someone who reaches out to one or two people for advice or editing; that's all I have needed. I think I expected to find that I needed or, more to the point, wanted, more than that as this month went on. That didn't happen. 

Part of it is, I am chagrined to say, that much of the inspiration, suggestions, and helpful hints just don't do it for me. Either they're aimed at people who I must assume are just taking the plunge, or people who are writing in genres very different than the one in which I'm most comfortable. At least I've noticed that some of the people asking for advice in the writer's group in which I do my morning springs are writing, or trying to write, YA or middle-grade fiction. They ask about time management (as I said, not a problem for me); or outlining (thought outlining might happen for me. Now I know; never gonna happen, sweetheart, not a chance in the goddamn world); or how to get past a writer's block (get by it? Simple; sit there until you feel so guilty that you write to protect yourself.) 

Ah, well; it's still working for me; just not the way I think a lot of participants make it work for them. Each to his own, said the old lady as she kissed the cow ....

More than one thing, hmmm: I've liked the first two episodes of 13's last hurrah. I'm amazed; both were written by Chibnall, and his writing is normally like nails on a blackboard for me, as his show running has been the last two series. The only thing I didn't like was reverting the Sontaran look to its 1970s design. Euck. Bring back Strax and his Sontaran dudebros! Also, I like Dan a whole lot more than I expected to. I suspect I was wary of him just because I miss Graham and Ryan. But no, he's pretty darned likable. And Yaz is still wonderful. Also, Swarm and Azure are two of the most fashionably monstrous villains (or monstrously fashionable) we've recently enjoyed. I love their voices, their clothes, and the way they walk in their heeled boots. (I saw a short video in which the actor who plays Swarm talks about how walking in heels changes your gait, which in turn shapes the way you inhabit the character. Fascinating. 

And Thirteen is wonderful. 
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