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Happy Birthday, cathica

The most estimable cathica, who has not been seen around LJ/dreamwidth for a long time, certainly not regularly, had her birthday yesterday (Nov. 8). It's been a while since I ventured back into birthday wishes. I think that's because I got overwhelmed by several things a couple of months ago, and some of the fallout included birthday wishes. 

It seems as if wishing this very talented author Happy Birthday, even one day late, might be the right way to restart my tradition. cathica writes some of the most gently horrific dark fiction it's been my shuddering delight to read. I am always glad to hear that she has had another of her tales published.  She is also someone to whom I have written letters, both typewritten and - pause here for your astonishment - handwritten. When I receive a letter in return, it is purely lovely. 

cathica was also the starting point for my 9th Doctor/Rose/Jack novel "Hearts and Moons Recall the Truth"; she provided a prompt for a long ago ficathon, and I could not conceive of letting that drop by the wayside. 

In short, I am very glad to have made your acquaintance!

I hope you had a fine birthday; I hope no bears interrupted it, nor painfully poisonous plants intruded in any way!
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