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Dept. of Taking The Plunge

OK, It's Happening! 

Well, it's actually starting with an online party at 11:30 p.m. Chicago time, so I'm going to be up late, starting my writing at 12:01 a.m. Which is, of course, quite ridiculous, especially since I'm also slated to do a writing sprint at 9 a.m. Monday. 

I don't mind being ridiculous especially since I got a fair amount more done on back story (necessary so that I know the answers that my characters won't know initially, more world-building, and more problem-solving. (As in: "wait, I thought I'd have this happen, but it doesn't make sense, especially since I have this other thing set up, so let's change that"). 

And, in what surprised me a bunch, I actually got a teeny-tiny bit of traditional outlining done, beyond my own "Questions and Answers" style of outlining. Huzzah!

Also, today I managed to go see a wonderful block-long Hallowe'en display not far from our place, chatted with the lovely neighbors who put it up, and who gave out ribs, chili, hot dogs. punch and spiked punch to a steady stream of kids and grown-ups, all happy and costumed. It made me like our neighborhood even more than I already do. 

Some time over the next 24 hours, Bob and I will watch the first episode of Doctor Who. *cries a bit because she doesn't want Thirteen to go*
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Tags: dr. who, fandom, holiday fun, nanowrimo

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