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Dept. of Bumps in the Road

Slight Setback Is Slight

I got up this morning and took part in another writing sprint. With what I did in that half-hour, and what I managed to get done on my own in the next hours or so, I actually got over 800 words. It seems as if my numbers are creeping up, and that's good, especially since the words helped me turn an important corner in the plot. 

Unfortunately, my plan to spend all day today working on a plot outline for my NaNo project had to take a back seat to driving Bob out to one of our suburbs for a doctor's appointment. It was one he wasn't really looking forward to; neither was I, but we're a team and we knew that going in as a team would be better for a good appointment outcome. The drive out there took about an hour, the appointment and the sit-and-wait-before it took about 1.5 hours. 

Then we had to get back to the city and go south to our friend Jack's place to take care of his cat while he's away. Getting to kitty took another hour-plus, because most of the routes we could use to go east and south from the doctor's office was clogged up with road construction delays. Once we got close to the Chicago border it got worse. Every route was hampered by not only road construction, but schools letting out.

Every. Single. Route.

Still, we fed and petted Spawn (that's the cat's name. No, really) and made it back to the house by *thinks* 5:15 or so. We left the house at 12:15 p,m. We were on the road or in the doctor's office for five hours. 

The good part of that was having a much, much better appointment than either of us expected; we even cleared up some bits of confusion that had been snarling one of Bob's meds - huzzah!

Once I got home, I put together a quick and dirty pot of chili; we ate, and then - hey, presto! It was 7:30 p.m. and my brain was not ready, willing, or able to tackle outlining. 

On the other hand, I did determine that the four types of outlining suggested at the NaNo site probably wouldn't for me.. More importantly, I think I've figured out what type of outlining does work for me, or at least probably should work for me. I'll get on that tomorrow. 

So yeah; slight (NaNo) setback is slight. And we got things done at the doctors; we fed Spawn; we had a good supper. 

And now I'm going to check with Bob to see if he wants to watch some anime.
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