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Dept. of Cranial Cuisine

Things Eating My Head. Again.

I swear ....

I have a habit of letting things consume my brain, yo. 

Sometimes they were necessary things; earlier this year, ensuring BB's continued health ate me up. I don't regret that.

Head-eating for health continued as I pursued COVID-19 vaccines for the two of us.

Next, our trip to Seattle, and all the preparation needed for that. 

And of course, the fun of figuring out what health certificates we needed to get to and from Canada. 

Each of those things took up at least 75 percent of my waking thoughts during the time needed to complete necessary goal-directed tasks. I more than occasionally muttered about each effort here. 

And now, my friends, my brain is being eaten by NaNoWriMo prep.

I've taken advantage of two weeks of online workbooking offered at the NaNo site. A bit to my surprise - no, a whole frakkin' lot to my surprise - the first week's exercises have provided me (the person who usually starts with a sentence and nothing more) with an entire story idea. It's also provided me with two or three other story ideas that I may very well use for other stories in future. Not too damned shabby. 

The second week's worth of workshopping exercises has allowed me to (or made me; not sure which) create much of my main character. It's also allowed me to world-build, although that is apparently an unanticipated side effect, since world-building comes later in the prep series. It's a five week prep course, and I panicked a bit, since I've come to this only a few days before the whole shebang starts ...

... and then I realized that I didn't have to obsessively go through the exercises week by week. I only need to do the exercises I think might help me. So I'm going to take a gander at whatever they might have in the way of outlining exercises, and I'm not going to worry about other stuff. 

That, fearless reader. marks a metric shit ton of maturation on my part. Trust me on that. 

I've also done two days of writing sprints with an online writing group, and I'm using that to work my speed up and get more done on my existing unfinished original story. I'm trying to work up to a habit of completing at least 1,000 words a day. If I can reach that goal,, well hell, I might actually get at least 2/3rds of the way to NaNo's 50,000 o\word finish line. 

(Excuse me while I go laugh myself sick in the corner.) 

But yes, head. Eaten. Again. 
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