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Frankenstein Meme, Day 25

A trope which you are virtually certain to love in any fandom.

Coming back to this meme after more than a bit of time away, and this is the first question I have to answer? Not fair, Frankenstein Meme, not fair!

It’s not fair because I can’t easily pinpoint tropes, either the ones I like or the ones I don’t, probably because I don’t think in terms of tropes.

But without going to TV Tropes (because that way lies madness) let’s see; if “found family” is a trope, then I will always try out a story I spot that in. Is “mistreated underdog getting her own back” a trope? Then that’s for me, and I don’t care if it’s a little mean-spirited. I
like seeing bullies and douchecanoes get what’s coming to them. Perhaps if I just label it “Justice! Finally!” it won’t sound as mean-spirited?

Ah, wait; “hurt-comfort” is a trope, right? That’s one I’ll generally read, doesn’t matter what fandom. In fact, if  “comfort” alone is a trope, then that’s one I love as well.

”Finding love in an OT3 — is that a trope? Then it’s a winner in my book.
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