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Very Rushed Update, Eh?

Bob and I have been here in Canada since Sept. 30, and are due to come back to the States on Wednesday. We made it across the border; everything was copacetic. We've had our COVID tests to get us back into the USA, so that's done. 

More importantly, I've had time with my brother, and time with long-missed friends and seen long-ago pictures of us as children, hiked (!) a short trail on the Atlantic shore, visited the graves of my mother, my grandmother and my grandfather, had lobster, completed wills for BB and myself with regard to a Canadian bank account of ours, and experienced oh, so many more things. 

Unfortunately, I've been without much internet connectivity beyond my phone's hotspot, and I've kept that to a minimum because damn, it's expensive. Today I had a little time in my favorite Wolfville coffee shop., and its wi-fi. I've done some necessary banking, booked my airline tickets for next year's 50th high school reunion before I could change my mind. 

And perhaps within a few days, I'll be able to sign on at home and tell you more.
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Tags: canada, family, life in the circus, lovely things

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