kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Dept. of Accomplishments

Trip Prep

1. Cat care taken care of. Our lovely next door neighbor, who is a cat lady par excellence, and understands dealing with weird-ass cats, is happy to do it. Reminder to self: show her how to operate our Netflix and HBO Max accounts. 

2. Transportation to and from Midway taken care of. To - limo because it's too early to ask a friend to take us. From - a friend who's willing. Cheaper by half than our last trip transport, she said stingily.

3. Smart phones: mine unlocked, both of ours prepped for minimal international use (text/calls), plus plans to get SIM cards once we get to N.S.

4. One last call to Nova Scotia regarding its COVID-19 entry rules netted the welcome news that as of last week, meeting Canadian federal entry requirements is all that's necessary. I suspect this has to do with the newly installed Progressive Conservative provincial government. (Glad that N.S. still has a Progressive Conservative party, a uniquely Canadian conceit that I love. Certainly more than I love the Conservative Party of Canada. Pfui.)

5. COVID-19 test appointments reserved for Sept. 27. ArriveCAN app put on both our phones so that we can upload our vaccination proof and test results. 

6. My meds checked; I have enough for the trip, but do need to get one med renewed so I have some upon my return. BB needs to re-up a couple of his.

7. Visit w/Canadian attorney arranged by my brother, so that I can get a will done that handles my Canadian bank account. And Mac being Mac, he found an attorney who we grew up next door to. (Me: Tim H.? You mean Rev. H.'s kid?" Mac. "Yeah." Me, silently: I am not surprised.) Still to do: gather all the necessary information to make the appointment efficient.

Can you tell that this trip is EATING MY FUCKING HEAD?

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