kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Dept. of Self Absorption

Rout 66

Nope, that isn't a spelling mistake. That's the first four letters of my last name, and the number of years I have, as of Sept. 17, been on this twirling globe of beauty and horror.

Pronounce it as you would "paper route", something I used to say a lot when I was a working reporter ....

.... oh, for heaven's sake, not "root". 

"Rowt." Which is how I
 pronounce my name.

Oh. Well. Well, yes, "root" is also appropriate for the tit - . 

No. No, it isn't. goddammit.

Ah, well. I amuse myself. 

Any others can come along for the ride.

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Tags: comedy, self-absorption, silly

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