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Frankenstein Meme, Day 24

Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending?

Oh, a few.

Harriet Jones didn’t die at the hands of Daleks in “The Stolen Earth”. She was too good, too smart, and too necessary to the Whoniverse, in my opinion, and I wrote my own little fixit about that.

(Interesting coincidence that I discovered while trying to remember the name of the episode in which she died — Google-fu can turn up the strangest things —
a poem in the 2017 book by James Goss, “Harriet Jones, PM”, illustrated by Russell T. Davies, has her surviving by falling through a trap door in her livingroom, landing on a mattress, and racing away on a motorbike. RTD says it’s canon. In my 2008 fic “Copper Armour for Miss JonesHarriet survives by falling through her collapsed livingroom floor. She blacks out and wakes up on a camp bed, where her rescuer (Mr. Copper) had placed her. There’s no motorcycle, but they get away in Mr. Copper’s automobile. Of course it’s not plagiarism of any type, but it does amuse me to think that RTD and others wanted to save her, and found a way remarkably similar to the way I chose to save her.)

Donna Noble regains her memories without dying. I always thought her fate was lazy writing on RTD’s part. Yep,
wrote a fixit about that as well, because I just know that the Thirteenth Doctor would have done her damndest to solve what Ten didn’t.

Rory and Amy either
escaped New York, or weren’t sent back by the angel.

Huh. I appear to be pimping my own fixits, but I guess that’s because when I really, really, really, disagree with something in the Whoniverse as presented on the small screen, I’m incapable of not writing something to change what happens. Y’all don’t have to read any of it, and I’ll stop.

But that's what makes me have head!canons.  

Other head!canons: Rose, the Ninth Doctor and Jack Harkness were able to avoid Game Station and stay together; Rawhide wasn’t killed by a Red Lectroid; Taura was able to live to a ripe old age with a partner of her choosing, thanks to Miles. Sapphire and Steel escaped the motorway cafe.

God, I have to stop now.
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