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A Question That Can't Be Answered, A Trip I Need To Make

Why did I spend way too much time last night and tonight watching clips from a Turkish historic drama series about a 17th century female de facto ruler of the Ottoman Empire? I have no idea. I think it's back to supernatural K-dramas ....

On the other hand, I've decided that Bob and I should visit my brother in Nova Scotia, sometime in late September or early October.

I've checked with Mac and he said to come on up. I've read the Canadian COVID-19 travel restrictions, and the Nova Scotia travel restrictions; tomorrow I'm calling the consulate because the Canadian government page was ... less than fully helpful. I'll probably have to check American travel restrictions so that we're not turned back at the Toronto border when we want to come home. I need to do all this tomorrow, so that I can take advantage of a sale on my preferred airline, so I have a great deal of work to do once I wake up. 

I've been talking about this off and on for about three months, but I know that Bob looked kind of gobsmacked when I told him what I had finally decided. I told him I wouldn't do it if he didn't want me to, but he said he was OK with it.

I feel a little bad about this, but I just need to see my brother. I really need to see him. 

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