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Frankenstein Meme, Day 21

In an attempt to keep my brain moving, and my journal as well, I've returned to the Frankenstein Meme. Go, me.

Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves. (Characters you’re neutral about are fair game, as are characters you dislike or even loathe.)

Well, we can swiftly exclude any version of the Master because, seriously? They're an awful, awful person. And saying they have a strong fashion sense doesn't count as saying something genuinely nice.

I’ve mentioned before that the Tenth Doctor isn’t one of my favorites, and I'm sorry, but I honestly can’t easily think of something nice to say about him. That’s not to say there aren’t nice things about the character, but I’ll leave it to his fans to delineate them. (And fans, please don't @ me. I'm irritable today.)

How about this? In “The Goblin Emperor” I don’t like Setheris Nelar; he's an abusive bully whose treatment at the hands of Varinechibel didn't excuse how he treated Maia. I
can, however, appreciate his intelligence (which probably would have made him a better Lord Chancellor than Uleris Chavar) and his love for his wife - and hers for him, to be honest.

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