kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Dept. of She Lives

Back and Breathing

I'm back from Seattle, and I've been too exhausted to do much more than sleep and check that Bob's getting proper nutrition. But I'm slowly working myself back to human. Right now, I'm a little north of toaster, so we're getting there. 

Things I've seen: 

1. Too many homeless encampments in Seattle, including one tent with huge Chinese and North Korean flags. 
2. Downtown Seattle looking like a garbage-strewn wasteland. That and #1 seem inextricably tied together in my head. Perhaps more about that another time. Perhaps not.
3. Many pictures of Harlan, and an incredibly cute video I shot of Andy singing a They Might Be Giants song to Harlan whilst feeding him. It's too big for Imgur, so you won't get it here, but perhaps I can find the song on YouTube ....
4. Afghanistan. Jesus wept. And if he exists, he's weeping indeed. Maybe more to say about that at another time, but fuck, what heartbreak. 

So yeah, I'm here. I live. 

Oh, and here's the song Andy sings to Harlan to keep him calm. Which is ... very Andy.

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Tags: family, life in the circus, music

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