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Family, friends

     BB and I had the chance to visit with some friends we haven't seen for at least four years, and it was wonderful. Far too short, mind, but really wonderful. Carrie and Kurt, once of Minnesota and now of Wisconsin, were in Chicago, visiting with friends and we were lucky enough to have breakfast at Ann Sathers with them and some of their friends. Fantastic! (As was the breakfast, although I ought to be ashamed of myself for eating twice as much as I'd initially planned.)
    Came home, and baked bread; first time in two weeks - I really love the smell of baked bread, and this batch turned out well.
    Goodness. Nothing else to say, woman? No wise commentary? No funny bits?
     No. None whatsoever. Friends, baking. What more need there be to a Sunday?

Tags: family, good people, home stuff

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