kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Dept. of Memes

Frankenstein Meme, Day 15

What was the first thing you ever contributed to a fandom?

Beyond conversation? Or does that count?

Hmmm … if we’re talking about general SFF fandom, the first thing I contributed was myself, when I went to my first convention in 1977.

If we’re talking an online fandom, it would be Dr. Who, and I contributed conversation, via the Television Without Pity boards. (I also contributed conversation to the BSG boards as well, but Dr. Who was my major fandom.)

On a less ephemeral note, the first thing I contributed was fic, in Who fandom.

And there it is, one of my shortest answers. *the crowd goes wild*

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Tags: dr. who, fanfic, meme

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