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Frankenstein Meme Day 14
aka Taking A Break From Baby

(Because I have a feeling that way too many future posts will feature Harlan and his truly exhausted parents - little guy refuses to sleep and screams every time his diaper needs changing, as my somewhat desperate son mentioned in his video chat this morning.)

A pairing – platonic, romantic or sexual – that you initially didn’t consider, but someone changed your mind:

I think this is the first of this meme’s questions where I’m stumped.

I have my ships, and they’re pretty set, (and are either OT3 or are apt to slip into that territory.)

When it comes to platonic relationships, all of the characters in the fandoms I love are generally friendly folk ….

This isn’t very helpful, is it?

Most of my romantic relationships include at least the possibility of sex, once boundaries and power imbalances are sorted. But I haven't run into any relationships that I didn't immediately feel, for which I changed my mind after someone showed me a different way of looking at them.

Yep, still not helpful.

I do know that in my head, Csevet Aisava and Csethiro Ceredin could become at least the kind of friends that Maia has found with Csevet. I think they would appreciate and respect each other first, especially because of their shared desire to protect an Emperor they didn’t expect to like or love and did. I can see that developing into a true friendship, albeit one hedged about with court etiquette and class expectations.

Oh wait. This might count. There is at least one writer (hi,
[personal profile] nostalgia ) who has come the closest to making me believe in a relationship — somewhere between friendship and sexual obsession — between the Twelfth Doctor and Missy. That takes talent, because, wow, do I ever fall into the Master Anti-Woobification League. For me, the Master/Missy is a straight up murderous thug, with a patina of cosmopolitan sophistication (at least when it’s the Delgado Master.) So, yeah, bad friend material.

Twelve came the closest of any Doctor to helping Missy rewire her brilliant sociopathic brain with a teeny-tiny conscience, and I salute
[personal profile] nostalgia for parleying that into some sort of believable relationship.

Hey-ho, and once again,
[personal profile] kaffy_r  has bloated a “I have no idea” answer into a “I still have no idea, but let me bung on about it!”
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