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Hot Weather. I Used to Like It

I am, as the subject line says, exhausted, and it's almost all because of the heat today. It was supposed to be cooler than it was yesterday, and apparently was; yesterday was up in the 90s and it was "only" 85. But the heat index meant that it felt like 91. And I had to spend time on the road.

Even with the AC on in the car, the heat sucked energy out of me every time I had to get out.  

I used to love the heat. With the medications I take now, it's definitely contraindicated. And yet, I keep going out in the heat. Because I'm an idiot, apparently.

I suppose at least part of my exhaustion is because my calendar said I needed to go down to a friend's and feed his cat. I got there, and was struggling with the keys when my friend opened the door, dripping wet, in his dressing gown. He wasn't leaving town until tomorrow - but he realized, chagrined, that he had told me to start feeding the cat today. I just laughed it off, told him to go back to his shower, and walked the block and a half back to the car, in the one space I could find that was anywhere near his place. 

It's terrible when you're both irritated and amused ....

Then I headed up to see my shrink, double-masked to protect him from my still-not-gone pneumonia. He's a delightfully old fashioned fellow, who seems to get a little more birdlike every time I see him. We had a lovely chat, he and I agreed that I was doing pretty well ... and then I had to go get some groceries. I'd planned to hit two stores, but the heat and a lack of food I'd forgotten about conspired to hit me with a headache. 

Go, me. 

(Bob wasn't feeling well today, so he wasn't available to do any of those things, otherwise believe me, I'd have dragooned him into doing at least half of those errands.)

My brain has not quite drained out my ears, but I'm going to go clean my teeth and join him in slumber. I'll catch up with folks tomorrow, I hope. 
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