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Frankenstein Meme, Day 5

What's a fandom that you wish had a bigger following?:

I’ve never thought about whether any fandom of mine should grow or remain small. There are good things about both sizes. I should think a small fandom encourages a familial experience among its members, while a larger one might encourage a diversity of fanworks and discussions.

OK, that sounds fairly patronizing, but I’ve tried to imagine why I might want a larger fandom, and I can’t.

That’s probably because the first fandom I really fell into was Doctor Who, which, as we know, contains multitudes. Certainly in my Time Lord’s TARDIS lie many mansions ….

All right, enough of that.

What I do wish for from time to time is more activity, as opposed to size, in certain fandoms. For instance, I’d be happy to see more fanworks and possibly more discussion around and with fans of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosiverse. I’ve just barely put my toe into the Guardian fandom (thanks, 
[personal profile] trobadora ), which I understand has a large and possibly obsessive Chinese fandom, one which is, from what I understand, split between lovers of the drama and those who love the book from which the drama was developed, but since I can speak neither Mandarin nor Cantonese, that fandom is out of my reach. I’ve been reading some Guardian fans’ discussions here on Dreamwidth, and I finished a remarkable novel-length fic the other day, but I think I’ll have to wait to see if I get involved in that fandom enough to wish for more fans to join up.

Of course, there’s always Sapphire and Steel, my favorite small fandom (thanks, 
[personal profile] thisbluespirit ) but once again, I’m not sure it needs to be bigger than it is, although I’d love other folks to learn to love it the way I’ve learned to love it.

Which, upon reflection, does, I suppose, mean I might like the fandom to become bigger. (And yes, I do love sprinkling commas in my sentences.)

The Other Days

1. What's changed about your fandom life in the last 365 days?
2. Your newest fandom.
3. You've got your OTP, you have to throw a third into the mix (from the same fandom), creating an OT3. Who is the OTP, and in your opinion, why would they make a perfect third for them?
4. What are the origins of your penname/username?

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