kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Dept. of Canada

A Sorrowful Canada Day

As a Canadian expat in Chicago, one who long ago committed to living in the U.S., I used to write heartfelt paeans to my adopted country every July 4. I haven't done that over the last few years, or at least my paeans have been a lot less heartfelt. It's hard to write them once you realize how deep the fault lines in the American House run.

I used to love writing heartfelt paeans to my birth country as well,  and that lasted much longer than my July 4 enjoyments. Canada, after all, did not have those kinds of fault lines. 

Until it did.

Or rather, until Canada and Canadians were forced to reckon with Canadian fault lines. With dead and disappeared Indigenous women and girls. With killers gone unpunished or even uncharged despite the bodies of Indigenous men, women, and youths. With hundreds of unmarked graves, harboring tiny skeletons all of which bear silent witnesses to government-sponsored or abetted racism and cruelty. With other racist and xenophobic violence giving the lie to our national superiority complex. 

And here it is, July 1 again, the official 154th birthday of the country as it's generally understood by those of us with a shit-tonne of privilege.. 

I can't help loving my birth country. And yes, it has some wonderful national attributes to pair with its stunning geography. 

But it's hard. I hope it doesn't get any harder. 
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Tags: canada, evil shit, sorrow

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