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Dept. of Mittwoch

Scattered Maunderings

I had a post started on Monday, which turned into a post I planned to write yesterday. And now it's Wednesday, and the post I'd planned to write really isn't germane two days on. So I'll maunder a bit.

In the world of fiction writing I see and read about authors being able to pump out thousands of words in a very short time, and over an extended period of time.  By that, I mean people mentioning being able to write 5,000-15,000 words in a week, or those who can successfully navigate extended writing a la NaNoWriMo, more power to them. On the other hand, my picture's in the dictionary, next to the word "glacial". My pace can be most charitably called sluggish. 

So I am hugging to my chest the fact that since 2021 began, I've written 14,104 words, 1,687 of them in two completed (albeit short) stories. The remaining 12,417 words are almost equally split between two unfinished stories, both of which are heading into novette territory at the very least. 

Yay, go me. 

I've been on an ice cream, or ice cream-adjacent kick for Too Many Days now, but it's summer, it's hot, and ice cream hits the spot, so sue me. Or fight me. I'm happy to say that my worry about lactose intolerance or dairy allergy can be eliminated. Certainly, the huge banana split I consumed at Margie's Candies last night put paid to the possibility of said intolerance or allergy. 

Ah, Margie's. If you're from the North Side of Chicago, you know Margie's.

Even if you're not from the North Side - if you're from any Chicago neighborhood, or any nearby suburb - you may know the place, ad if you don't, here's a link to an admittedly 20-year-old video clip about it. I can say it's still pretty accurate, although the prices have gone up. It's cramped, a little dingy in that "We Haven't Changed Our Decor since 1970" kind of way (complete with a jukebox that has mostly-still-working table top jukeboxes). It's also 100 years old this year, makes its own ice cream and its own chocolate candies. 

(There are two Margie's locations, both owned by the same family, but the original one is the best, cramped, dingy space and all.)

Both of us ordered banana splits, of varying types, and we enjoyed them fully. Across the very tiny aisle from us, a family was celebrating a daughter's high school graduation. Behind us a middle-aged couple looked as if they were having the same type of Brobdingnagian ice cream delicacy that we were having. Beyond them, someone was enjoying a milk shake so large that they brought the glass and the metal cup in which the shake was made, just the way most shakes were made and presented in my long ago youth. 

It was a little bit of heaven. And all that ice cream was undoubtedly the reason BB and I went into sleepy sugar comas, and went to bed early. 

In final news, the tiny hole in our dining room wall has been patched and sanded, and our curtains are back up. Huzzah!
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