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Goodness, It's Hot

The headline really says it all, since we're hovering in the high 80s and low 90s in Chicago, but I suppose I can find a few other things to say. Or maybe just one?

BB and I watched the first episode of "Loki", and were pretty happily impressed.

It didn't shy from the fact that movie Loki, at least the one from 2012, was a charming but murderous asshole. heavy on the murderous part. In fact, it kind of rubs this Loki's face in it, thanks to the character of Mobius, played very well by Owen Wilson.

Age has given Wilson's physical presence a little gravitas, and I think that's allowed him to step ever so slightly out of the Owen Wilson box he's been in. He plays the character as unexpectedly tough, and very likeable. And what he does with Loki allows the writers to immediately address Loki's murderous past. They don't woobify Loki - at least not in the first episode - but they do hint that perhaps this version (the "variant" Loki from 2012 who hasn't gone on a voyage of self-discovery and at least some minimal conscience growth the  the way our main timeline Loki has) might do a little self-discovery himself. 

So yes, impressed, even if I laughed to see the 1960s-Madman-era feel of the TVA so closely resemble the headquarters of our villains from "The Umbrella Academy."

Right now, I'm going to sit down and watch some more anime. Thursdays are the days that my current fave anime, "Zombieland Saga Revenge" drops, and I hate the fact that there's probably only three more episodes in this cour. I loved the first cour, which dropped in 2018, but which BB and I only saw this year, and I'm hoping that they get another cour, and one that arrives a little more quickly than 2.5 years. 

Why do I love Zombieland Saga? Maybe I'll talk about that in another post but for now I'll just say "Zombies! Japanese Idol Groups! Zombies who start an idol group!" and leave it there. God, I love it ....
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