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Sapphire and Steel Fanfic: Plant-Based Diatribe

Title: Plant-Based Diatribe
Fandom: Sapphire and Steel, Doctor Who
Summary: According to Steel, Elements don’t get drunk. According to Silver, they also don’t try to eat poisonous plants. A brief tale of holiday traditions and syrup of ipecac.
Characters: Steel, Sapphire, Silver, Liz Shaw
Words: 745 words, per AO3
Notes: A few days ago, in an effort to get my creative juices flowing, and to pair that with an improvement in my writing discipline, I asked for prompts. The ever-lovely [personal profile] thisbluespirit was among those who obliged. This stems from her prompt "Steel/Sapphire/Silver - Mistletoe Kiss" (Her inspiration sent me somewhat sideways.) This is an advanced birthday gift of sorts for her, as thanks for introducing me to Sapphire and Steel.
TW: For overuse of alcohol.

All characters are the sole property of Peter J. Hammond, ATV, and their various creators. I intend no copywrite infringement and take no coin. I just love them all.

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