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It's Monday and Time for Robin Song Mysteries

Today is the first Monday in May, and I am determined to post more this month than I did last month. Perhaps I can reach that goal by not waiting to say something profound every time I sit down in front of my keyboard. Perhaps I should talk about silly things, or comment on ephemera that bubble through my brain every day. And here's one.

All my life, I've loved the song of robins*. It may be my favorite bird song, a liquid cascade of intensely musical warbling unlike other bird songs I've heard. I grew up waking with their morning song, and greeting the dusk with their evening song.

Here you are, a small taste (there's a much longer video that would make me happy as background music, but I won't subject you to it.)

This spring, however, I've been presented over the past week with a robin, or robins, who have sung all day. It's lovely, but it fills me with questions.

Have robins always sung all day and I've simply not noticed? That says something about me.  Or is this year somehow different for robins, at least on my block? Is there more intense jostling in the trees for mates, or space now taken up by our neighborhood cardinals? I don't know. 

Regardless, and putting aside my low level worry that something untoward has happened, I have loved hearing the robins this week. 

*American robins, although there is a similarity to British/European robins that I heard while Googling. That is, I suspect a purely coincidental thing
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