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Happy Friday, Folks

Just a couple of things today:

I don't know if this concert will be up on YouTube for very long, so if you want to enjoy a bit of the joy that is International Jazz Day, by all means head over there right now.  I'll try to embed it here, but one never knows, do one? Listening to the concert brought me to tears of joy more than once, and made me dance in my seat far far more than once. 

Bob's EEG came back determinedly normal, so we still have no fucking idea what caused the problem. Twice.  Ah, well, the sun shone today, and it's the weekend (yes, we retired types can still appreciate weekends), so I'm going to declare that it's all good. 

(Oh, and Biden's unofficial State of the Union speech on Day 99 of his term was heartening, and not merely because he was able to speak in sentences that made sense. Good on ya, Uncle Joe!

Oh, oh, and the FBI is closing in on Guiliani, and the Justice Department seems to be doing the same on Matt Gaetz. Couldn't happen to two nicer guys.)

On to anime and a decent martini! Or perhaps just a gin and tonic. Decisions, decisions ....

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