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No News Is ... Well At Least It Isn't Bad News

After going on about Casakaffyr's medical woes, and getting some much needed hugs and support about it all from all of you, I realized it was high time I updated folks.

The short version: Bob is back to his old self, barely missing a word in his sentences, and not at all confused*. This is a good thing, but we still haven't a clue as to what the hell was going on.

We had the EEG the Friday before last and still haven't heard about its results, either from his neuro or on the test result page of his medical group account. Since his doctor is the kind who would give us a call about bad news, and would probably call even with no news, all we can figure is the EEG result still hasn't been processed. I got mad about that for a few seconds, until I remembered that this is COVID-19 time, and the hospital's medical staff is undoubtedly overworked.

Bob sent a message to his neuro yesterday, asking about results; her response should give us some idea of what's going on. At least, I hope it will.

In the mean time, he keeps an eye on all his meds, so that we don't fall afoul of one possible reason for the confusion; him forgetting to take all of them at the right time. And we are just relishing the ability to talk to each other again. (I occasionally get a little worried whenever a word escapes him, or he can't find his mask, but I'm a worry wart and will eventually bring that under control.)

In other news, tonight we are actually having dinner with our two closest friends, and I am stoked for it. We have all had our vaccinations, we're all clear of the two week wait thereafter. We will all wear our masks when our servers come because we  don't want to put them into even theoretical danger from us, and the restaurant will be hewing to the city and state rules.

A night out with friends ... eeeeeee!!!!

I may have other thoughts today and I may actually post another post (possibly about binging Shadow and Bone's 1st season on Netflix), but I wanted to let folks know where we currently stand, even if there's not much news.

Other than the existential confusion to which we humans are all subject in this world

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