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Dept. of Back on the Bicycle

I Swear I'll Finish This

The last few weeks have been - as too many weeks have been - "Nah, your brain has nothing to offer the world" time. But let's try again, shall we?

Bob and I will get our second vaccinations on Tuesday, which takes another weight off our shoulders, as does news that both Andy and Emily out in Seattle have gotten their vaccinations. Once April 30 rolls around, I've talked to our old friends Dr. Bob and Dr. Gonzo about them coming over for a celebratory supper. They've had their vaccinations for some time, and the idea of being able to host them and talk in our livingroom sans masks is alluring, to say the least. 

We are currently fighting the good fight against a spring ant incursion and I think I'm handling it fairly well, considering that finding small insects busily building six-legged interstates on my floors in the morning is second only to toilet plumbing problems as a trigger.

The non-fanfic fiction I'm working on is now over 4,000 words. I may take a break and go back to the multiple crossover fic that is, ahem, two years late as a gift for someone on my f'list. That one is *checks* now 71 words away from 6,000, with no end yet in sight. I am undecided ....

Hmm: in an effort to keep my writing chops up to speed, can I ask people to leave me prompts? I'll try to do something short (short damnit, kaffyr, short) for all of them, and perhaps that will keep my brain trundling along creatively.

I will also start checking my f'list and actually responding to peoples' posts, as a civilized and communicative human should. 

Wow; an entire post. Go, me!
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