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COVID and Corneas

I've signed up for vaccination possibilities; with my medical provider (NorthShore Health System), with the city of Chicago, and with Cook County. I'm in the running for vaccination - the so-called B1 tier in Illinois; I'm 65. By signing up with three, count'em, three, vaccination-offering entities, I was doing what folks, news stories, etc., have advised people to do. And of course, it worked. 


Of course it didn't. Thus far, I've come up blank. Zip, zilch, nada. 

Am I surprised? Not in the least. Am I worried?

Honestly? No.

I'll eventually get the vaccine. In the meantime, I stay in my house except for groceries, the post office and doctor appointments. I go out masked. My masks generally have filters, although I have emergency masks in the car in case I walk out without my cloth masks. Which does happen because I can be flighty as fuck. But I'm as sure as one can be in this uncertain world that I'm being as careful as one can be in this uncertain world. I'm more worried about bringing something back to Bob, but thus far that hasn't been the case and, god willing and the creek don't rise, that will continue to be the case.. 

We'll see what happens in the next 1-3 weeks. After three weeks have passed, then I might start getting a little exercised by the lack of vaccination action. 

Of more immediate concern to me is my deteriorating eyesight, so I was very pleasantly surprised to get a call from my opthalmologist's office about 1.5 hours after emailing them today, and getting an appointment for Thursday morning. I honestly thought I'd be waiting weeks to months to get in to see her, given the fact that she's a specialist, and this is during a pandemic. 

The eyesight deterioration has gradually, but noticeably, increased over the past three or so months. It may have been ongoing before that, but the last three months I've been able to track it. At this point, I can read things on a screen, but it's become unpleasantly difficult to read hard copy. Some of it appears to be an increase in my stigmatism, says the person who is not an opthalmologist, but who's worn glasses since she was 3.

I'm more concerned with the possibility that the small cataracts the doc saw back in December, 2018, may have expanded. That's what happened to Bob a few years ago, but at that point, he was able to get both cataracts removed over a two to three month period, and his eyesight improved tremendously.

My concern is that I'm not sure I could get the surgery as quickly today because of COVID-19 protocols at NorthShore's hospitals. 

Losing any amount of eyesight scares me, probably inordinately, so I'm hoping it's just a case of getting a more effective glasses prescription. 

We'll see. As it were.
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