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Bridgerton LOLs and More

On the last Monday of February, I should probably try to catch up. Bob's been under the weather; not ill, just under the weather, and his mood is fairly good, which is excellent, but it's been rather front and center over the last few days. This morning, however, I got up and decided to make the day work for me. 

First - well, it's not productive, but it was odd fun to binge watch "Bridgerton" on Netflix over the weekend. I did it because images from it had been  floating around on the web, including a YouTube video from a costume specialist who said the show's putatively Regency Era costumes were apparently horribly and anachronistically un-Regency, but still worked. Reader, I was intrigued. In addition, it had the old fanfic trope of "pretending to be in love For Reasons, and then really falling in love." That amused me as well, despite not being a romance reader, either of original romance fiction or similarly themed fanfic. 

It left me conflicted, or at least as conflicted as something so slight could be. On the plus side, it did have gloriously trashy costuming, all extremely anachronistic glitter, styles, textiles and closures (polyester!! Bright yellow flowered prints! Zippers!!) that made it clear the producers and clothing designers knew this show was meant to be gloriously trashy. (Oh, forgot to mention the absolutely magnificently not-Regency-wiggy wigs of Queen Charlotte). Some of the dialogue was witty, and its cast was very pretty to look at, as well as largely decent actors. One of them was Polly Walker, who played the almost-villainous Lady Featherington and who I learned to like in the criminally short "Caprica" series, and another was Adjoa Andoh, of Nu Who S03, who plays the magnificently ascerbic Lady Danbury. . 

On the minus side? Argh, the idea that the female lead was anything more than a two-dimensional romantic trope was risible in my eyes. The conceit that apparently drove the male lead's actions was ... oh, let's go with risible again. 

Additionally, I realized that I've lost the ability to wholeheartedly enjoy movies or television that's set exclusively in any upper class. I apparently have gotten too aware of how godawful it is to be without power in any social setting, and particularly aware of how much unappreciated toil and tears would have gone into the glittering balls and salons of various upper classes that are celebrated in entertainment. 

Still, I managed to get all the way through it with enough enjoyment that I only thought about those things around, oh, 60 percent of its run time.

I had been looking forward to making some Tonjiru (Japanese pork and vegetable soup) then discovered, once I'd made it. and had one bowl for supper Friday and another for lunch Saturday, that I couldn't eat it. It may have been too much daikon (which is rather like turnip, and which I therefore like only in certain amounts) or too much dashi, or possibly the taro, but it ended up making my gorge rise. It's perfectly good soup, but I told Bob he could have what remains of it. I'm disappointed. I hope the next time I put some together, I don't have this odd reaction to it. 

My original fiction story continues at my traditional glacial pace, but it does continue. Right now I'm working in my head about what I would consider a realistic physical reaction to becoming able to wield weak-ass magic. (Weak-ass magic. It's a thing.) I'll figure it out. And since I'm thinking of having enough of the story done to read at a Zoom open mike, perhaps that will get my keyboard clattering a bit faster. 

Here in Chicago, the temps have climbed above freezing, and our mountains of snow are beginning their very, very slow melt. I figure we'll see it disappear completely around August. 
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