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Dept. of Scattershot Comments

Three Days Later

On Wednesday, I got up relatively early, cleaned the kitchen, took a shower, put on makeup and a festive top, added earrings and pearls, poured myself an initial mimosa, and gorged on Inauguration Day joy. I'm not kidding about what I wore; I believe that something as momentous as our nation scraping by its eyeteeth past the Jan. 6 insurrection, making it to Jan. 20 and seeing the 46th president of the United States installed in office is worth it. So is the installation of the first African American/South Asian woman as vice-president. 

Bob joined me, and even had a celebratory mimosa of his own. Our celebration went on into the evening, watching and listening to the Parade Across America in the afternoon and the evening's concert. 

Now, of course, the battles continue. As someone on Twitter said something along the line of, "You'll see me criticizing Joe Biden, his administration, and many of his policies. Don't worry. That's normal; that's what's supposed to happen in a democracy."

That's absolutely right\. You don't follow a leader, unthinkingly or even thoughtfully. You support a policy maker. And when that policy maker goes in directions with which you don't agree, you're free to oppose them, pressure them, and force them to listen to you and make changes if possible. Just not with, you know, guns or gallows.

So that was Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday were spent loving the Bernie Sanders memes on the Interwebz, especially the first three in this report (I saved the actual images, but the comments by Twitter posters who know Chicago oh, so well, are part of the fun. I didn't even mind enjoying that last New York based tweet. Heh.) I also managed to get a few things done, like cleaning out the top shelves of the fridge, and cleaning the shelves themselves. The middle shelves will be next, and yes, I've reached that point in my life where I can't get any given cleaning job done at one blow. It takes a lot of time, and time off between goes. 

Today, I'm pleased to be able to post something. 

Oh, and speaking of New York, which I did fleetingly just above? I have thoughts. On pizza. But those should come in a different post.
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