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fanfic, fickety fic.

Direction Sign
     Concerning the story of which I spoke yesterday; I had repeatedly decided against posting it on lj until it was finished. Having completed it after two years of work, I find the way clear to do so.
     Why? Obviously because I have an ego large enough to consider the results potentially enjoyable for some people, depending on their interests. Are you tall enough to get on the ride?
     It will not interest you if:
  1. You have problems with fan fiction based on television shows, or indeed if you have problems with fan fiction at all, whether the problems have to do with intellectual property rights, general copyrights, or fears of execrable writing;
  2. You aren't a fan of the BBC television show Doctor Who;
  3. You've already read the damned thing.
     It may interest you if:
  1. The above conditions do not obtain.
     Having said all that, I now point you in the direction of "Walk Out With Me To the Unknown Region," currently archived on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, should you be unfamiliar with it and wish to correct (for varying values of 'correct') the situation.
Tags: dr. who, fandom, fanfic, self-absorption, writing

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