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Birthdays; Again and Always

As we get older, our attitudes towards birthdays can change. Certainly, I know that my birthday brings more thoughts of my eventual mortality than it once did. Strangely, those thoughts are positive, as I look back on an eventful life and forward ( I hope) to a good many years of adventure to come. And it still gives me pleasure to send birthday greetings to friends, even if I’m habitually and criminally late in doing so.

On Oct. 30, the long silent viomisehunt celebrated a birthday. When she was active on LJ, I enjoyed reading this lovely woman’s posts about fandom and about her beloved family. She wrote about Dr. Who, and shared her thoughts gently and articulately. She also shared her non-fannish successes and her heartbreaking losses. She was a delight. I hope she is in good health, and that she was able to enjoy a birthday with loved ones.

erikvolson, he of the red hat — beer appreciator extraordinaire and delightful SFF fan — had a Nov. 5 birthday. He lives in the same city I do, and I bang my head against a wall for not keeping in touch with him. He hasn’t posted on his LJ journal for several years, so all I can do is wish him the very best, and hope that someday we can get together again in some fashion. Happy Birthday, Erik!

cathica celebrated her natal anniversary on Nov. 8, and I truly hope it was a celebration, free of bears and fauna interested in invading the house. I first knew her as a result of her glorious and sometimes gloriously dark Dr. Who fanfic. Then I read some of her original work, which was again gloriously dark; she is a mistress of SFF-based horror and has won awards for the horror she envisions; brava! So to a fellow Bluenoser, I extend all the wishes I can, and I hope she will someday return to LJ.

[personal profile] kerravonsen marked her birthday on Remembrance Day, Nov. 11. I hope she was able to spend it with at least some of her family, and that the day was filled with love. She is a woman of many talents in both her writing and the 3-D arts she creates. I wish I had half her delight in creating art and her patience and hard work doing so. She is a union supporter and a person of faith. Though she and I may differ in many ways, I am very glad to know her.

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