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An Interesting Sunday

Interesting, and good in large part, but physically unpleasant. 

I had a lovely Zoom conversation with 
[personal profile] masakochan , who is awesome. We covered Dr. Who, deep sea creatures, politics, comfort foods we like at 3 in the morning, and much more. It was altogether satisfying.

And then I spent much of the rest of the day fighting a headache; unfortunately, the painkillers I might otherwise have taken - Exedrin or hydrocodone - would have exacerbated the faint baseline nausea I also was feeling. So yes, no painkillers. Also, not a lot to eat; some leftovers from yesterday's takeout, some cereal when the takeout leftovers proved to be inedible (for me only; BB had a perfectly good meal of his leftovers), and some soymilk. 

I did finish Charlie Jane Anders'  All the Birds in the Sky, for what I realized shortly after starting it a week or so ago was the second time. I don't know where I read it; I thought I had bought it twice for my Kindle, something I've done before with other titles, but no, I only have one copy, which I know I bought just recently. I enjoyed it more this time than I did the first time. I remember thinking the first time about the first few pages what I thought this time about the same few pages - that it was close to unbearably arch. And then, all of a sudden, it wasn't arch, it was really very good, and almost brought me to tears a couple of times. It definitely deserved the honors that it received, the Nebula and others. 

So now I'm going to listen to some jazz, or possibly watch one or two anime episodes, then head for bed. As I said, an interesting and good Sunday, but physically suboptimal. Ah well; I've had days like this before, and tomorrow will probably be much better. 

And how were your various days?
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