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Test Results and Visits

I got my test result today. It was, as I expected it would be, negative. That means fairly certainly, that BB is also negative, since I am the only person he has seen outside of his doctors, for the last two or so months. Why yes, we are hermits, why do you ask?

I'm particularly glad of the negative result, because Firstborn is arriving tonight for a week's visit. He's been tested very recently, and came up negative, so we're going to be OK together, and I've been looking forward to hugging him. Well, frankly, I've been looking forward to being able to hug anyone outside of my gloriously huggable spouse, but yes, being able to hug the child is going to be particularly wonderful. 

Briefs other than that - the cats continue to settle in happily; BB and I have gotten rid of a great deal of crap in the house. Being here all the time makes the crap more hard to avoid, and having little else to do than clean makes it harder to find excuses not to, well, clean. 

The writing ... not so much. I swear I'll get back to it, though. 

I've gotten a lot of reading done, though. I've been working my way through 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. It's my first Murakami and I really like it, but it's extremely dense. The translators have done a bang-up job, though. Unfortunately, I happened to notice that someone decided to rip about three pages in a row in half (it's a library book) about halfway through. This is the kind of story where losing 6 pages of plot will be a significant problem, so I'm going to take this back to the library and see if I can get a different copy. After I've made it clear that I'm not to blame for the vandalism. 

And honestly, who does that?  
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