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Swimming Against Myself

So, just to keep my oar in, here are a few things I can think of, as I get ready to answer other folks comments in some of my earlier posts. 

1. So, fandom on Twitter is a thing, or so I've heard over the last couple of days. That seems even weirder to me than the idea of fandom on tumblr. I say this as someone who really loves Twitter, too, to the point where I have to be careful not to go to the site if I want to make any use of the day. Despite that, I can't see fandom communication working on Twitter. For me, fandom's always been inherently long form. I know that others are comfortable on tumblr, and I'm told by people who know that you can have long form communication there, but it's not something with which I'd be comfortable. The idea of undertaking real discussions on Twitter? Nope. Any thought from my f'list? Anyone? Bueller?

2. We have decided to rename Cat Gerry to Cat Theodore, aka Teddy. Possibly Theo, but probably not; Teddy seems right. Bob and I admitted that neither of us like the name (J)Gerry, no matter who we try to connect it to. So now we'll see if Mr. Sniffles will learn to answer to Theodore/Teddy. 

3. Andy is coming in to Chicago at the end of the month; he's caught between the Scylla of desperately needing some time back in his home waters and the Charybdis of feeling as if it's wrong and dangerous of him to travel in this time of plague. He's been tested once for COVID, but is, I think, considering getting another test just before he climbs on the plane, in hopes that he can feel as if he's not dangerous to those around him. I just want him to stay safe himself - but I also want to see him, and I want to hug him. I'm going to get tested tomorrow; if both of us can test clean, that would be a very good thing. 

4. Bob and I watched the new "Hamilton" film last night. I already knew I loved the music. Bob, who isn't a big musical fan unless that musical happens to be "The Music Man," said he wanted to watch Hamilton with me. By the end of the show, I was blown away, and Bob was impressed. And of course, I've had the tunes going through my head all day. It may not be how it really happened, but it's proof that some stories are true despite not being so.

5. I walked away from the last of my Guild projects. My stress levels, physical health and mental health had become bad almost without my noticing it; I'd been so sure I could deal with volunteer projects, but I couldn't. I've let people know. I haven't gotten any reaction yet, which could mean they despise me for dropping out, or they don't give a damn. Either is find by me at this point. 

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