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My Province, In Mourning

So Nova Scotia, my little beloved Canadian home province of Nova Scotia, is now home to the largest mass shooting/murder in recent decades in Canada. And it being Canada, which seems to be the scene of grotesque crimes all too often, this particular incident is grotesque, bloody and filled with too many sorrowful particulars to be easy reading.

One of those who died was an RCMP officer. When I called my brother, who is a retired RCMP officer, I could tell he'd been crying. As he told me, "You never leave the job, even when you retire." Given the small size of Nova Scotia RCMP detachments, it's altogether possible that he could have known her, or known of her. I didn't ask.

He has a raft of people who love him who've been checking up on him. And he went down to pick up his new companion today, an old dog who had survived cancer and who nobody else wanted (he specifically asked for a dog or cat that fit that description). He said it was a good thing that he would be focusing on taking care of Boomer. I'll joke with him about "OK Boomer" when he's up to joking.

I'd say spare a thought or prayer for all of those people who've been hit with this, but that phrase has become grotesque in and of itself. 

This fucking world, I swear ....
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