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Dept. of Whoah

A Few Things I've Thought About Lately

1. Watching Her Majesty The Queen (cor bless 'er) do her 4-minute address to the UK, the Commonwealth, and those who tuned in from a former colony, concerning what we're all going through, I was struck by how little she resembles a 93-year-old. Genes, I guess; her mother was similarly blessed with always looking 20 years younger than she really was. Also, I liked the address. Color me "royalist looking for non-partisan comfort" these days, I guess; I'm told she wrote it herself, and I love the tiny hint of steel in her voice at the very end.

2. I've been amused a couple of times over the past few days at something I've noticed in myself on those occasions when I have to drive around, and something that I may have observed in other drivers: instead of cars lining up bumper to bumper at stop lights, everyone seems to be practicing safe distancing. With their cars. Yeah. It's given me a giggle more than once. 

3. I cannot bake cookies without making sure that most of them exit my domicile superfuckingfast. If I don't make that arrangement (with some left for Bob), I will do something vaguely equivalent to going face down in the cookie jar and coming up covered in crumbs. This is not a good look for me. 

4. Today we had temperatures in the mid to high 70s (Fahrenheit). We wrestled a couple of our windows open to enjoy fresh air and a cross breeze. We'll have weather that's almost as warm tomorrow, and I am going to enjoy it like whoah. 

5. I've managed a few more sentences on my cross-over fic. Having figured out the ultimate reason for the opening dilemma, my next big challenge is determining which characters from which canons get to talk to each other, and how. 

6. Finally, here's the late, great Bill Withers doing a live version of "Ain't No Sunshine," complete with violins. I could quite happily listen to this on a loop almost any time, despite the heartbreak implicit in the lyrics (or perhaps because of it). Today it sounded even more lovely to me. 

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