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Despatch from Tacoma

I'm dropping in very briefly with a message from 
[personal profile] a_phoenixdragon , since I know some folks were wondering how she was doing. Washington state, where she and her family moved a while back, is a COVID-19 hot spot and, like many places around the globe, its economy has done some tanking because of that. I know she and the family have been on my mind and that of a few other people, so I was very happy to get a phone call from her Monday night.

Mandy says she, her husband, and their two boys are doing surprisingly well. They are in good health, and in good spirits. They have not yet secured an apartment, and her husband's job ended when his employer got t-boned by the economic downturn, but Mandy's job is holding strong, since it's some sort of medical equipment-based operation and, as such, deemed necessary to stay open. They are confident of finding him another job, although they know it will be difficult. They are equally confident of finding an apartment 

Her boys really love their schools - I'm told one of them said for the first time in years that he enjoyed going to school - so they are truly looking forward to schools reopening. Mandy says that the entire household feels, again for the first time in years, that they have reached a place that feels like home, despite all the challenges they're facing. 

She wanted me to tell you that she misses everyone, and thinks of you all often, with great affection and gratitude. Your friendship and support is one of the biggest reasons she's been able to power through without drowning in fear or sadness. She is looking forward to getting back online and catching up with everyone once they've found an apartment and some stable internet (she had been using area libraries, which have had to shut by emergency order.)

It will surprise none of you to know that she sends you all hugs. I am very glad to be the bearer of good news!
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