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Notes From Opie Land

Over the last three days, I've discovered that Opie, our 14-year-old ginger kitty loves Marmite. I mean, he looooves Marmite. I discovered this while I was indulging my own love of the stuff (WHAT??!?) over the weekend.

He came up to where I was seated on the livingroom couch and began sniffing at my Marmite-smeared saltine crackers (WHAT!?!??) with the kind of obsessive focus he normally reserves for ... well, he doesn't normally have much obsessive focus for human food. Or he didn't until now. I put some on my fingers, which he proceeded to lick clean. Then he attempted to bite one of the fingers. This didn't go over well with The Producer of Wonderful Brown Pasty Stuff, so he was placed on the floor. Later, however, I decided that Marmite might be one way to get medications into him if absolutely necessary, I told Bob about this. Bob is not a fan of Marmite. Nope. Not a fan. He just looked as if he couldn't figure out who to side-eye more, me or Opie. In the end, I think we both got a serious dose. 

Then yesterday, when I was enjoying some Marmite-free saltine crackers (WHA - oh, never mind.) Opie came up to me, sniffed at the cracker in my hand - then tried to wrestle it from me by biting into a large portion of it. This had the effect of scattering an explosion of saltine cracker across me and the livingroom table, but he was able, with a little help from me, to actually swallow some not-inconsequentially-sized morsels of cracker. 

Opie is a weird ass little cat. 
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Tags: cats!, comedy, life in the circus

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