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What A Difference (A Frighteningly Small Number of) Days Make

I wrote this oh, about four days ago; possibly three. 

We're under numerous threats at this points; physical, economic, social and individual emotional. It's difficult to walk the narrow path between stupidly dismissing the realistic threat and overestimating some of the dangers because of panic.

Unfortunately, the latter danger appears to be fading, because the realistic threat is so realistically threatening - and I say that without facetiousness. I confess I was one of the people who initially erred on the side of too little caution. That was because I initially failed to read enough good information. I've since tried to remedy that.

My biggest concerns now war with each other; concern over the disease itself, because it truly is more fast spreading and severe than common influenza - which is pretty dangerous in and of itself, something that gets forgotten and, when remembered, makes COVID-19 even more frightening - and the economic impact it's having.

The medical concern is easy to parse; people are dying, and their loss reverberates outward from loved ones who are left to the medical teams trying to save them, to epidemiologists trying to track deaths, to the jobs they won't return to, etc.

(Another medical concern lies with those who have severe cases, but recover; what will their long term health concerns be, something we have to ask since recovering from a severe illness often leaves people with health problems.)

I initially got enraged about concern over the economic effects. I saw the Trump unadministration paying more attention to them than to people under medical threat. But I was soon forced to accept that, Trump's assiduously awful team notwithstanding, the economic hit is as dangerous in many ways as the illness itself.

People are losing their livelihoods, far too many of them without any safety net whatsoever, at least in this country. (People in more civilized countries undoubtedly have more of a social net cushioning them, but even those countries and their socially intelligent policies on paid sick leave etc. will take body-blows, and their citizens and denizens will feel those blows.)

Without income, they can neither provide for themselves and their families, nor inject at least some income back into the economy. What they can't buy soon spoils, or gets warehoused, or is not manufactured or delivered at all - and the people earning their money manufacturing and delivering then find themselves out of work. Meanwhile, whatever safety net might be there for folks without income are strained to the breaking point.

People have talked about times when everything changed - World War II, the bomb, the assassinations of the 1960s and, more recently, HIV/AIDS, 9/11 and the pending environmental carbon tipping point. In many ways, I think this particular "everything changed" is going to be more far ranging than any of those except the carbon tipping point. And that is absolutely terrifying.

Now it's Sunday night. Bob and I are in Illinois, under a stay-at-home order. Chicago police are already breaking up groups of idiots who don't think it's a big deal. Illinois' COVID-19 cases jumped from under 500 to over 1,000 in two days, and we're small change compared to New York, to Italy and Spain. African nations are just beginning to be hit. In Washington, the GOP are looking at billions for large corporations, and billions less for hospitals. 

My meanderings of three or four days ago seem so naive. And I am afraid.
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