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I'll try to write a post that isn't birthday or health related later tonight, but right now, I want to link to this Google document that I learned of from one of my journalist colleagues. I read through it, and it's got a lot of good advice, in plain English. Knowing most of my f'list, you're probably already up on accurate information about both this particular novel coronavirus and the illness it causes, but perhaps if you know people who'd like to read something that isn't full of medicalese or political asides, this link could come in handy, as could this link to World Health Organization information. 

I know I've bounced around in my head about this virus, and whether it's as dangerous as, say, SARS, MERS or our regular annual menus of influenza viruses.

After looking at the numbers, it seems clear that it's a dangerous virus, in large part because of its apparent ability to spread quickly. It seems to be most dangerous to fewer demographic groups than other viruses - for instance, while it does hit older people,and those with lung or immune compromised situations, it doesn't seem to be as dangerous to children as other viruses that target them as well as those other groups. The jury's still out on its mortality rates, probably because countries are still solidifying their data gathering and analysis models, and because the initially high percentage of those reports being severe cases and not the mild cases that might not be seen, but it does currently seem to have a higher mortality rate than influenza. 

So, yes, it's dangerous medically. 

I've also been horribly fascinated by how quickly this affected world economies, as well as the global social and political reactions. I confess  I was completely blind to something so obvious that if it had had teeth, it would have bitten me: the economic impact is affected in large part by how much Chinese manufacturing has integrated itself into the market and manufacturing economies of other countries. If your widgets can't make it out of Wuhan, you can't complete any of your manufacturing jobs that require those widgets. If your completed gadgets aren't made, you can't ship them to end retailers, and so on. Then as more and more countries initiate lock downs and quarantines, that parade of broken supply chains and workers unable to work - and in too many cases therefore unable to pay for food, rent, and medical needs - gets even more longer and more extreme. Many thanks to 
[personal profile] marahmarie , to opening my eyes on that part. 

Here in the U.S., we now have 541 cases as of mid-afternoon, 22 of which were fatal. Numbers elsewhere are obviously far higher. 

BB and I could be considered in at-risk demographics, him more than me. We will be traveling over the weekend, to an event whose organizers checked with participants yesterday to see if they were still coming. I'll shake hands only if people are OK with that. I'll wash my hands often and carefully.I'll immediately leave and head for home if either BB or I start exhibiting symptoms of anything. I'll try to keep up with what's going on, and I'm fairly sure I'm not going to panic. 

Still ... these are, in more and more ways, very dangerous days. 
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